Guillaume Desoubeaux

Guillaume Desoubeaux, MD
University of Tours

Guillaume Desoubeaux is the head of the department of Medical Mycology in Tours University Hospital and teacher in Tours school of medicine (France) and is affiliated to the Respiratory Center for Respiratory Diseases CEPR-Inserm UMR1100. He is secretary within the board of the French Society of Medical Mycology (SFMM) and within the college of mycology teachers in France. He has developed a recognized expertise about the epidemiology and the diagnosis of all the infectious diseases that are caused by fungi, especially those that are responsible for lung infection. He is the principle investigator in the CaspoNEB study funded by the French PHRC-N (national hospital program for the clinical research), which is dedicated to the treatment with inhaled caspofungin during Pneumocystis pneumonia.

Guillaume Desoubeaux has authored > 120 papers referenced in the PubMed database and has supervised 3 PhD and 1 post-doctoral fellowship within the past five years. In addition to the FungiScope, he is a member of several other research networks devoted to infectious diseases like the French mycosis study group, the FéRI (Fédération pour la rechecher en infectiologie), the MAbImprove LabEx (laboratoire d’excellence) or the COST CA21145.