Jannik Stemler

Dr. Jannik Stemler, MD, FECMM

Jannik Stemler is a coordinating physician within the FungiScope® Team and is involved in the validation process as part of the quality control. Jannik Stemler has been working on multiple projects in the area of epidemiology of rare invasive fungal infections, in clinical trials with anti-infective medicines, and in clinical observational studies on fungal infections in hematological patients at the University Hospital of Cologne. He is specialized on clinical testing of new anti-infectives, epidemiology of invasive mycoses, and pharmacovigilance of antifungals and new oncological therapies.

His clinical focus is infectious medicine, therapy of hematologic neoplasms, and internal intensive care medicine. He is also an active member in several clinical guideline groups and trans-national research networks. He has assisted international meetings and conferences, also as a speaker, and promoted scientific networking.

E-mail: jannik.stemler{at]uk-koeln.de