Danila Seidel

Dr. Danila Seidel, PhD, FECMM

Danila Seidel is the scientific lead and coordinator of FungiScope® at the University Hospital of Cologne, Germany. Her main research interests are rare invasive fungal infections, the study of their global distribution and clinical relevance with regard to the increasing number of antifungal drug resistances.

For several years, she has been responsible for establishing new collaborations within the FungiScope® network and beyond. With collaboration partners, she analyzes and publishes relevant results from the FungiScope® database. In 2021, she was awarded the title of Fellow of the European Confederation of Mycology (FECMM).

Multiple national and international epidemiological studies have already been conducted and published together with the partners and active members of the FungiScope®-Registry. Danila Seidel is furthermore involved in the One World – One Guideline initiative for the diagnosis and management of fungal infections.

E-mail: danila.seidel[at]uk-koeln.de